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Ford LTD
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Originally the top full-size Ford line in the US, spun off from the Galaxie for the 1966 model year. There is some dispute over what the acronym stands for: Lincoln Type Design, according to some sources; Lincoln–Thunderbird Division (not that there was one), according to others. Or they may be three letters chosen to appear premium. In the late 1970s, Ford briefly put the LTD name on to an intermediate, the LTD II. By the 1980s, Ford divided the line into two: an intermediate one based on the once-compact Fairmont, and a full-size one dubbed LTD Crown Victoria. Eventually, the LTD name was dropped Stateside.

Australia, meanwhile, had its own lineage of LTDs, beginning in 1973, as a replacement for the imported Galaxie LTD, a model name that appeared only there and in Argentina. The first Aussie LTDs had a longer wheelbase than the already-stretched Australian Fairlane, which were in turn based on the Ford Falcon there. By 1979, Fairlane and LTD were on the same wheelbase, with LTD remaining the flagship; this continued into the 21st century, though the last LTDs were, visually, little more than stretched Falcons, with Ford Australia finding it difficult to justify great investment for its long-wheelbase sedans.

Marque: Ford | Predecessor: Ford Galaxie | Successor: Ford Crown Victoria


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Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024