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Ford LTD (1979–82)
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1980 Ford LTD Country Squire.jpg

Ford LTD. 1979–82 (prod. n/a). 2- and 4-door sedan, 5-door wagon. F/R, 4186, 4942, 5732 cm³ (V8 OHV). Ford finally downsized its full-size line, in response to GM. Wheelbase slashed by seven inches with roughly the same interior space on Panther platform; overall length down by 15 inches. Much better handling, less understeer and body roll. Better ride thanks to improved suspension. Canada had the final Custom 500s as part of this range—brochures list them as ‘LTD Custom 500’, rather than a separate model line. S trim denoted fleet model from 1980; Landau trim renamed Crown Victoria from 1980. Last year for 351 in³ (5·7) in 1982.

Manufacturing locations: Oakville, Ontario, Canada; St Louis, Missouri, USA

Marque: Ford | Model: Ford LTD | Predecessors: Ford Custom 500 (1973–8), Ford LTD (1973–8) | Successors: Ford LTD (1983–6), Ford LTD Crown Victoria, Ford LTD Country Squire (1983–91)

q.v. Mercury Marquis (1979–82)


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