Out now: the Autocade Yearbook 2024
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Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024

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Autocade started in 2008 as an independent car encyclopædia, and branched out into its first print edition, a Yearbook, in December 2023.

Created by Jack Yan as a passion project for fellow car enthusiasts, with a commitment to accuracy, Autocade focuses more on 1970 on. Over the years, it has had many contributors behind the scenes: Peter Jobes, Keith Adams, Nigel Dunn, and the assistance of Carfolio, an in-depth car specifications’ database website.


The Yearbook, meanwhile, takes the passion of the encyclopædia and puts it into a print format with interesting reads. The award-winning motoring author Giles Chapman noted, ‘Autocade is in the grand tradition of beautifully produced annuals like World Cars, Car Design Yearbook, Autocourse and Auto Universum, yet offers a deep read for the road car devotee like nothing else I’ve seen.’ William Woollard, historian, producer, and long-time Top Gear presenter, said, ‘A genuine collector’s item. You won’t want to put it down.’

Moving forward, we hope to continue enlarging the website—which, at the time of writing, nets a million page views every 40 or so days—and create more print and video content.

Our approach

Autocade, in its online form, provides quick summaries of each model, written from the point of view of its first home market, rather than being biased toward a single country. It is not meant to replace buyers’ guides such as Edmunds in the USA or The Red Book in Australia, or information sites such as Carfolio.


Most images used on this site fall under fair dealing and are strictly for educational and informative purposes only. The overwhelming majority are press photographs and appropriately licensed. A small handful have been photographed for one of our sister publications and are subject to copyright.

Sadly, due to abuse of similar sites, copying from this site is not permitted, without the express permission of Autocade. This includes scraping by large language models or “AIs”. Original content here is copyright ©2008–24 by Jack Yan & Associates. You can email us at autocade, followed by @jyanet.com, for more information.

Autocade is a registered trade mark of Jack Yan & Associates.

There is some additional information on our ‘Community portal’ page.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of viewing Autocade can be viewed here.


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Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024