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Ford Falcon
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Depending on where and how old you are, the Ford Falcon is either a compact, fuel-efficient car, or a full-size, traditional family car. Launched in 1959 as Ford’s entry-level compact for the North American market, it made its way to Australia the following year to replace the six-cylinder British-derived designs at the near-top of the range. In Argentina, too, the Falcon was considered nearly the flagship of the local line-up, though the larger Fairlane was sold there for many years. Since then, the Falcon has grown—in 1970, it became an intermediate in the US; meanwhile, Australian developments have continued to see the Falcon grow each generation, too. By 2008, it became Ford Australia’s largest car with the end of production of the Fairlane and LTD long-wheelbase sedans. The last version, the FG X, was the last passenger car made by Ford Australia as it wound up production.

Marque: Ford | Successor: Ford Maverick

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Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024