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Toyota Crown
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Long-running nameplate—the longest of any Toyota passenger car—actually began as the Toyopet Crown, but Toyota soon learned, through the failure of the first Crown on the US market, that the marque could not work on export. The second-generation Crown wore Toyota badges when it was exported to Denmark, and subsequent Crowns did the same when leaving Japanese shores. By the fourth-generation model, the Toyota marque was adopted, even on the home market. The Crown was sold in North America only till the fourth generation, its niche filled by the second-generation Toyota Corona Mark II. Often the first to showcase Toyota’s latest technologies. The bubble economy created the Crown Majesta for 1991, a more luxurious and larger variant with different sheetmetal, arguably similar to the way Toyota spun off the Toyopet Crown Eight in the 1960s. Regular Crowns (which included sporty Athlete models) ran alongside Majestas till 2018, when the ranges were unified into a single model line again in Crown’s 15th generation. In 2021, China saw a Crown SUV, the Kluger, based around the Highlander, while Toyota divided the Crown into four distinct versions for 2022.

Marque: Toyota | Predecessor: Toyopet Crown

q.v. Hongqi HQ300, HQ430, Hongqi H7


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