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Toyota Corona
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Mid-sized car from Toyota, in the domestic appliance mould. Almost always conventionally engineered and designed. Originally introduced in 1957, the Corona line had some teething problems, but Toyota gradually improved it. Styling tended to ape American trends, initially behind by a few years, before reaching its heyday in the 1970s during the fuel crises. Sold with the Toyopet brand for the first generations in Japan, before that was abolished in the 1970s; always Toyota from T20 generation on in export markets. By the 1970s, Toyota had evolved the Corona into a fairly reliable passenger car range, and the US—its biggest export market—took to the cars readily. More successes continued in to the 1980s as the Corona—bearing a Carina badge—spearheaded Toyota’s entry into European manufacture. However, after the T190 series, Toyota decided to keep the Corona for Asia only, as foreign markets opted for the Avensis or Camry in the segment. By the start of the twenty-first century, the Corona nameplate was no more, supplanted by Avensis, Caldina and Premio.

Marque: Toyota | Predecessor: Toyopet Corona | Successors: Toyota Camry, Toyota Premio, Toyota Caldina, Toyota Avensis

q.v. Toyota Corona Mark II

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