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Toyota Camry
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Originally a spin-off of the Carina line and badged as the Celica Camry, Toyota established the Camry as its own model range in 1982, along with a Vista sister car. The car occupied a position between regular Coronas and the larger Cressida and Mark II ranges, and later took over from the Cressida in export markets. By the time of the V30 series, Toyota had two Camrys: a narrow, 1,700 mm-wide model for the domestic market, and a wider one badged as the Scepter domestically but Camry elsewhere for export. In markets such as the US and Australia, Camry grew to take over the Corona as well, especially when Toyota stopped production of that model for export. Australian Camrys even had other names, such as Holden Apollo and Toyota Vienta, and American buyers could have a coupé called the Solara. By 2000 the Toyota Camry even had a twin, the Daihatsu Altis, in Japan. It is regarded either as one of the world’s most successful mid-sized cars—it is regularly among the US’s top-sellers—or one of the dullest, depending on whether one is a Toyota fan or not.

Marque: Toyota | Predecessors: Toyota Celica, Toyota Cressida, Toyota Corona

q.v. Toyota Vista


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