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Senova D70

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2013 Senova D-series.jpg

Senova (紳寶/绅宝) D70/Beijing D70. 2013–20 (prod. n/a). 4-door sedan. F/F, 1799, 1992, 2290 cm³ (I4 DOHC). Chinese remake of Saab 9-5 (1997–2010), after BAIC bought the rights to the cars, launching a new marque. Turbocharged engines derived from former Saab units. New bodyshell (Pininfarina worked on the styling), and 2,755 mm wheelbase (up from 2,703 mm), though not as roomy as upscale Chinese buyers might have liked. Originally, three models were announced: D240 denoted 1·8-litre models, D280 for 2·0, and D320 for 2·3, outputting 130, 150 and 184 kW respectively, but all renamed as D70 when launched to the public. Assembly quality judged to be middle-of-the-road by Chinese press at launch; uncomfortable driving position. Some turbo lag in 2·0-litre unit, and Aisin transmission not that well suited. Not the most refined, especially considering the age of the platform and engine. Meant to be a challenger for other Asian cars in this segment, such as the GAC Trumpchi (2010–), Kia K5 (TF) and Hyundai Sonata (YF). Electric model, ES210, shown in 2014, productionized as the BAIC BJEV EH some years later. Refresh in 2018. With the phasing out of the Senova brand, the D70 became a Beijing in 2019.

Manufacturing location: Shunyi, Beijing, China

Marque: Senova

q.v. Senova D60


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