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Holden Statesman
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Long-wheelbase flagship of the Australian Holden line when launched, although the Holden name actually did not appear on the original series (much like advertising proclaiming ‘Thunderbird by Ford’, though no one ever disputes that it was a Ford). Sold briefly in Japan, too, at Isuzu, before the fuel crisis put paid to that idea; and in South Africa as the Chevrolet de Ville, Chevrolet Constantia and Chevrolet Caprice. Holden did not develop a replacement for the Statesman in the 1980s. The line was revived (with Holden badge intact) in 1990 with the VQ, which used the same formula as the first Statesman: a luxury sedan on a stretched wheelbase from the regular Holden, this time the Commodore. However, this time, the Caprice, which had been a trim level on earlier Statesman, became a model in its own right, and eventually absorbed the original line. The 21st century Statesman saw export nameplates including Daewoo Statesman, Buick Royaum and Chevrolet Caprice, while the post-2006 Caprice found itself badged Daewoo Veritas, and, in China, with slightly different front wings as the Buick Park Avenue, assembled locally.

Marque: Holden | Predecessors: Holden Brougham, Holden Commodore | Successors: Chevrolet Senator, Holden Commodore, Holden Caprice


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