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Mitsubishi Colt
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Name that emerged on Mitsubishi’s second postwar model line, replacing the utilitarian 500. Colt was used on a small, 600 cm³ rear-engined sedan, but by the mid-1960s, it covered three very distinct vehicles. Everything was unified at the dawn of the 1970s with the Colt Galant, which later simply became the Galant model line. Colt endured as a model name in many markets for the Mirage line, before a global model appeared at the dawn of the 21st century that was called Colt wherever it was sold. By the start of the 2020s, the Colt soldiered on in Taiwan, while a new-generation Colt appeared in Europe in 2023 based on the Renault Clio, after a nine-year absence for the nameplate there.

Marque: Mitsubishi | Predecessors: Mitsubishi 500, Mitsubishi Mirage | Successors: Mitsubishi Galant, Mitsubishi Lancer, Mitsubishi Mirage


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