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Mitsubishi Mirage
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Attractive small front-wheel-drive hatchback, originally sold with advanced engineering theme, and dual-mode automatic gearbox. Followed various design themes as the years wore on, usually Mitsubishi’s style leader and usually the company’s entry-level model for export. Rebadged in various markets as Mitsubishi Colt, Dodge Colt, Plymouth Champ and Plymouth Colt. The only model not officially exported was the Mitsubishi Mirage Dingo, a tall, boxy city car, while the Mirage name briefly adorned the Mitsubishi Space Star for one year (2002–3) in New Zealand. The model line went on hiatus with the demise of the Dingo in 2002, and as the Colt became the entry-level Mitsubishi in most markets, but was revived in 2012 for a three-cylinder economy car.

Marque: Mitsubishi | Predecessor: Mitsubishi Colt | Successors: Mitsubishi Colt, Mitsubishi Lancer


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Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024