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Suzuki Fronte (CB71)
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Suzuki Fronte/Maruti 800/Changan Suzuki SC7080 Alto/Suzuki Mehran (CB71/CB72). 1984–2019 (prod. over 2,500,000 Maruti 800 only). 5-door sedan. F/F, 543, 796 cm³ (I3 OHC), 796 cm³ (I3 DOHC). New kei car, launched in Japan in 1984, and in India as the second-generation Maruti 800 in 1986. Replaced in Japan in 1988, but continued in India, with production beginning in China at Changan and Pakistan (as Mehran) around this time. Another licensed version, the Jiangnan Alto, sold in China, with more substantial changes. One of the best sellers for years in India, bringing the industry into the 1980s, and a top-seller in Pakistan. Maruti 800 ceased production in January 2013. Mehran finally exited production in 2019.

Manufacturing locations: Japan; China; Gurgaon, Haryana, India; Karachi, Pakistan

Marque: Suzuki | Model: Suzuki Fronte | Predecessor: Suzuki Fronte (SS30) | Successors: Suzuki Fronte (CN11), Maruti Suzuki Alto (2012–), Suzuki Alto (HA36)

q.v. Suzuki Alto (CA71V)


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