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Renault 8
Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024

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Renault 8.jpg

Renault 8 (R1130/R1132/R1135). 1962–77 (prod. 12,203 Gordini only). 4-door saloon. R/R, 956, 1108, 1255 cm³ (I4 OHV). Created by Gaston Juchet et Philippe Charbonneaux and launching a year ahead of schedule, Renault bucked the trend with its rear-engined 8, even though it knew sales of cars with such a configuration were dropping (evidenced by its own Dauphine). Bendix disc brakes on all four wheels, among the first cars in this segment to employ discs all round (Chrysler was first in the full-size segment with the Imperial many years before). More room than Dauphine, thanks to upright, glassy cabin. More power and 135 km/h, fully synchronized gearbox and more interior appointments with 8 Major in 1964, while 8 Gordini (after Amédée Gordini, who developed it), released later that year, featured lowered suspension, “hemi” cylinder head, and twin Weber carburettors—in any colour as long as it was blue. Twin stripes ran down 8 Gordini’s side. Good for 175 km/h. Spanish production for basic 8 from 1965, but with rear drum brakes. Bigger engine for Gordini in 1966; replaced by 1970 with 12 Gordini. Renault 8 S from 1968 to 1971, cheaper than Gordini, with twin carburettors, 60 PS and four headlights. Deleted in France in 1973, but continued in Spain at FASA-Renault; 8 and 8 TS in Spain updated that year.

Manufacturing locations: Flins, Île-de-France, France; Valladolid, Spain; Plovdiv (Пловдив), Maritsa, Bulgaria

Marque: Renault | Predecessor: Renault Dauphine | Successors: Renault 10, Renault 12, Renault 14, Renault 7


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