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Peugeot Roa
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2011 Peugeot Roa.jpg

Peugeot RD 1600/Peugeot Roa. 1996–2013 (prod. n/a). 4-door saloon. F/R, 1599, 1696 cm³ petrol, 1599 cm³ CNG (I4 OHV). The Rootes Arrow lives on, but with a Peugeot 405 clone bodyshell. Basic model offered by IKCO of Iran, blending the running-gear of the obsolete rear-wheel-drive Paykan (including leaf springs) with a more modern interior and exterior. Initially offered with 1·6 petrol and CNG engines; G2 model from 2010 has 1·7 unit. End of production announced in 2011, though Roa remained on the IKCO website through 2013; RWD Arisun pick-up announced March 2015, continuing Arrow running-gear.

Manufacturing location: Ťehrân, Iran

Marque: Peugeot | Predecessor: Paykan (1967–2005)

q.v. Hillman Hunter, Chrysler Hunter, Peugeot Pars


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