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Chrysler Hunter
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1978 Chrysler Hunter.jpg

Chrysler Hunter (Arrow). 1970–3; 1977–9 (prod. 470,000 approx. all types, incl. Hillman). 4-door saloon, 5-door estate. F/R, 1725 cm³ (I4 OHV). Chrysler Australia phased out the Hillman name in 1970 with the HE series facelift; from then on, these models were officially marqueless, though sold through Chrysler dealers, and ‘Chrysler Hunter’ was mentioned in advertising and the Chrysler Pentastar badge appeared. Hunter Hustler was a de-trimmed, twin-carb sporting model. The rear end was unique to this market, with basic sedan now the Hunter Royal. Luxury model, equivalent to the Hunter GT, now the Royal 660, with vinyl roof and ROstyles. Phased out in 1973 as Chrysler Valiant Galant took over this sector. The Chrysler Hunter, as the rest of the world knew it, emerged in late 1977 as a rebadged Hillman, with a far narrower range in its twilight years. Survived Chrysler’s bankruptcy so the last Hunters were built under Peugeot ownership. Talbot Hunters appeared in the price lists, and some evidence exists of them having been sold. By the time of its demise, Hunter was well past its prime. The Paykan continued, meanwhile, with some upgrades mirroring the UK version.

Manufacturing locations: Linwood, Scotland; Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Ireland

Marque: Hillman | Predecessor: Hillman Hunter | Successor: Talbot Solara

q.v. Hillman GT (1968), Paykan (1967–2005)

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