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Hillman Hunter
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1970 Hillman Hunter.jpg

Hillman Hunter/Hillman Arrow (Arrow). 1966–77 (prod. 470,000 approx. all types, incl. Minx). 4-door saloon, 5-door estate. F/R, 1496, 1618, 1725 cm³ (I4 OHV). Mainstay of Hillman range from the mid-1960s, and the most popular version of the Arrow-platform cars. Very conventional and the last Rootes range begun without Chrysler involvement. Carryover engines, but with five-bearing crankshaft and installed at an angle. MacPherson strut at front. Estate from 1967, though not officially a Hunter in the UK till 1970. Competition success with London–Sydney Marathon in 1968. Upmarket Royal trim introduced in Australia in 1968. Stand-alone GT model became Hunter GT for 1969. Fancier than Minx, whose models the Hunter range absorbed in 1970. Mild facelift 1970. Endless variations with Sunbeam and other marques used in export; New Zealand and South African Hunters used the Rootes parts’ bin to create models unique to those markets, with 1·6 Peugeot 404 engine for South Africa, badged variously as Hillman Hunter, Arrow or Vogue. Australian models were marqueless by 1970, with HE series, with unique rear end (see Chrysler Hunter). Holbay-tuned GLS in 1972, with second facelift that year, including Humber Sceptre Mk III-style front end. Fewer changes afterwards as Chrysler found itself in financial difficulties, and the Hillmans gave way to rebadged Chrysler Hunters in 1977. Exported initially in CKD form to Iran, where the Hunter became that country’s first national car, called the Paykan.

Manufacturing locations: Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire, England; Linwood, Scotland; Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Pretoria, South Africa

Marque: Hillman | Predecessors: Hillman Super Minx, Hillman Minx (1967–70), Hillman GT (1968), Sunbeam Vogue | Successor: Chrysler Hunter

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