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Oldsmobile Toronado (1986–9)
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1987 Oldsmobile Toronado.jpg

Oldsmobile Toronado. 1986–9 (prod. n/a). 2-door coupé. F/F, 3791 cm³ (V6 OHV). Second round of downsizing, with Toronado moving to a more sensible unitary construction; gone were the thirsty V8s, just as Americans wanted them with falling gasoline prices. Digital instrument displays, and bucket seats offered for the first time since 1970, but Toronado looked like lesser Oldsmobile models, and sales suffered. Sporty Troféo introduced 1987 with stiffer suspension, and by 1989 it could be ordered with a CRT screen controlling the car’s thermostat and showing trip computer information.

Manufacturing location: Lansing, Michigan, USA

Marque: Oldsmobile | Model: Oldsmobile Toronado | Predecessor: Oldsmobile Toronado (1979–85) | Successor: Oldsmobile Toronado (1990–2)

q.v. Buick Riviera (1986–8), Cadillac Eldorado (1986–91)


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