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Mazda Cosmo (HB)
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1981 Mazda Cosmo.jpg

Mazda Cosmo (HB). 1981–90 (prod. n/a). 2-door coupé, 4-door sedan, 4-door hardtop sedan. F/R, 1146 cm³ (Wankel 2 × 573 cm³), 1308 cm³ (Wankel 2 × 654 cm³), 1970, 1998 cm³ petrol, 1970 cm³ LPG (I4 OHC), 2209 cm³ diesel (I4 OHV). Third-generation Cosmo, looking far more modern and relevant for the 1980s than its predecessor. Extra four-door bodystyles shared with Luce, though coupé was first shown. Coupé had Cd of 0,32, among the better figures of the period. Turbo 12A rotary from 1982, first time a turbocharger had been added to a rotary engine, and briefly the fastest production car out of Japan. Digital speedometer, in keeping with its high-tech image. Four-door hardtop lost its retractable headlights in 1983. Formal sedan finished production September 1986, but hardtops continued.

Manufacturing location: Hiroshima, Japan

Marque: Mazda | Model: Mazda Cosmo | Predecessor: Mazda Cosmo AP | Successor: Eunos Cosmo

q.v. Mazda Luce (HB)


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