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Eunos Cosmo
Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024

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Eunos Cosmo (JCESE/JC3SE/JCES/JC3S). 1990–5 (prod. 8,875 sold). 2-door coupé. F/R, 1308 cm³ (Wankel 2 × 654 cm³), 1962 cm³ (Wankel 3 × 654 cm³). A technological tour de force and the flagship of Mazda’s new Eunos range. Sequential twin turbos for both units, the two-litre Mazda’s only triple-rotor rotary, good for 280 PS (a voluntary limit) and 403 Nm. Triple-rotor claimed to be as smooth as a V12. No conventional petrol or diesel engine available. Rotaries proved thirsty. Automatic transmission only. First car to have a GPS navigation system (called CCS), and an infotainment system accessible through a touchscreen (albeit a CRT). LCD instrumentation. Two suspension set-ups depending on model: S for sports, E for elegant (with luxury appointments).

Manufacturing location: Hiroshima, Japan

Marque: Eunos | Predecessor: Mazda Cosmo (HB)


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Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024