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Hyundai i40
Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024

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Hyundai i40 Kombi.jpg

Hyundai i40 (VF). 2011 to date (prod. n/a). 4-door sedan, 5-door wagon. F/F, 1591, 1998 cm³ petrol, 1685 cm³ diesel (I4 DOHC). YF Sonata-platform (but 25 mm shorter wheelbase) large car range for Europe (and designed in Rüsselsheim), with wagon first shown at Genève in 2011 and saloon in May. Packed with lane departure warning and adaptive front lights—the sort of features expected on more expensive cars. Facelift in 2014.

Manufacturing location: Ulsan, Korea

Marque: Hyundai | Predecessor: Hyundai Sonata (NF)

q.v. Hyundai Mistra


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Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024