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Holden Torana (LH)
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Holden Torana (LH).jpg

Holden Torana (LH). 1974–6 (prod. 71,000 approx.). 4-door sedan. F/R, 1897 cm³ (I4 CIH), 2834, 3310 cm³ (I6 OHV), 4142, 5044 cm³ (V8 OHV). All-new Torana, with larger, squared-off shape, initially running alongside smaller TA series. Similar in styling to Opel Ascona B, and featured 1·9 sourced from that division, though cars were essentially Australian-developed, casting off English roots of earlier Toranas. Sixes and V8 only on launch in March 1974, four from May that year. Style-led Plus 4, L34 and G-Pak special editions released through 1974 to February 1975. L34 (prod. 263) featured racing V8, developing 349 bhp (standard V8 on 5000 SL/R model had 240 bhp). Popular thanks to Bathurst racing successes, especially sixes and V8s, though regular models handled poorly, thanks to Detroit’s interference. Cramped inside, also thanks to Detroit, which ordered a reduction in wheelbase.

Manufacturing location: Australia

Marque: Holden | Model: Holden Torana | Predecessor: Holden Torana (LJ) | Successor: Holden Torana (LX)


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