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Audi 80 (B2)
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Audi 80 Quattro (B2).jpg

Audi 80 (B2/Typ 81/Typ 85). 1978–86 (prod. 1,405,506). 2- and 4-door saloon. F/F, F/A, 1272, 1296, 1577, 1588, 1595, 1781 cm³ petrol, 1588 cm³ diesel (I4 OHC), 1921, 1994, 2144 cm³ (I5 OHC). More refined, developed 80, with six-light design from Giugiaro. Same mechanicals as before. Diesel added 1980; in 1981, fuel-crisis-response Formel E models added, with more economical top gear and other fuel-saving features; it would eventually feature a stop–start system (engine would stop totally when the car was stationary at traffic lights). Four-wheel-drive Quattro from November 1982, dubbed Typ 85 internally. Facelift in 1984, with slanted grille; five-cylinder models gained Audi 90 (B2) tag. Exported usually as 80, except to North America where it was 4000. Australian Audi 5+5 model (no 80 badge) was 80 with five-cylinder 2·1-litre engine (with either a five-speed manual or automatic gearbox); 4000 5+5 in US had same formula.

Manufacturing location: Ingolstadt, Germany

Marque: Audi | Model: Audi 80 | Predecessor: Audi 80 (B1) | Successors: Audi 90 (B2), Audi 80 (B3)

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