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Renault 12
Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024

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1969 Renault 12 TL.jpg

Renault 12 (Projet 117). 1969–99 (prod. 2,500,000 approx.). 4-door saloon, 5-door estate. F/F, 1289, 1397, 1565, 1647 cm³ (I4 OHV). Very successful and economical saloon and estate range, with adequate handling. Enlarged Cléon engine at launch, with twin-carburettor, five-speed Gordini 1·6 following in 1970. Estate also launched 1970. More powerful 1·3 model, the TS, from 1972. Facelifted 1975. Very long-lived, with European production to 1980; continued in Mexico (to 1983), Argentina (to 1994) and Turkey. Dubbed 12 Toros in Turkey from 1989, its last substantial revision, and continued in much the same form till its demise in 1999.

Manufacturing locations: Billancourt, Somme, France; Santa Isabel, Argentina; Bursa, Turkey; Duitama, Colombia; Envigado, Colombia

Marque: Renault | Predecessors: Renault 8, Renault 10 | Successors: Renault 18, Renault 9, Renault Clio Symbol

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