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Toyota Sprinter
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Originally a sporting trim within the Toyota Corolla range, Sprinter became a model line in its own right, running parallel with the Corolla from its second to eighth generations and sold at a separate dealer network in Japan. Usually reserved for the home market, various Sprinters were seen offshore: the Chevrolet Nova and Geo Prizm were based around Sprinters, and some Corolla variants were actually from the Japanese Sprinter line. Off-road Carib versions—which would be called crossovers today, though the term had not been coined then—were originally based around the Toyota Tercel, before having more of a Corolla–Sprinter basis. The Sprinter was eventually deleted in favour of the Allex, while the Voltz (a rebadged Pontiac Vibe) took the place of the Carib.

Marque: Toyota | Predecessor: Toyota Corolla | Successors: Toyota Allex, Pontiac Vibe


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Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024