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Toyota Avalon (X20)
Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024

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2004 Toyota Avalon.jpg

Toyota Avalon (MCX20/XX20). 2000–4 (prod. n/a). 4-door sedan. F/F, 2994 cm³ (V6 DOHC). Launched 1999 for 2000 model year and now classified as an American car. Larger in every respect, but slab sides made it look awkward. More aerodynamic, with Cd now at 0,28. Carryover engine, with minor improvements. Stiffer body, excellent refinement and ride. Mid-term facelift for 2003 model year. Exported to Japan as Toyota Pronard, but not very successful in that market.

Manufacturing location: Georgetown, Kentucky, USA

Marque: Toyota | Model: Toyota Avalon | Predecessor: Toyota Avalon (X10) | Successor: Toyota Avalon (X30)


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