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Peugeot 505
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1980 Peugeot 505.jpg

Peugeot 505. 1979–97 (prod. 1,350,798). 4-door saloon, 5-door estate. F/R, 1796, 1971 cm³ petrol, 2304, 2498 cm³ diesel (I4 OHV), 1995, 2154, 2165 cm³ (I4 OHC), 2849 cm³ (V6 OHC). Related to 504 predecessor under the skin, but with squarer body styled jointly between Pininfarina and Peugeot for the late 1970s. Same principle: a tough, rear-wheel-drive saloon with emphasis on ride and comfort. Some of the diesels made it to New York as taxis. Cavernous Break and Familiale (eight seats) from 1982, with longer wheelbase. Turbo injection model in 1983, using Talbot unit developing 150 hp. Facelift in 1985, with new interior. Saloons ended production in 1989 in Europe, with estates in 1992. Not quite as global as 504, but 505s were built at Guangzhou in China in the 1980s and 1990s and had a good share of the market initially, but that dwindled as other companies entered the market.

Manufacturing locations: Sochaux, Doubs, France; Vigo, Spain; Villa Bosch, Argentina; Guangzhou, China; Los Andes, Chile; Cairo, Egypt

Marque: Peugeot | Predecessor: Peugeot 504 | Successors: Peugeot 405, Peugeot 605


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