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Nissan Be-1
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1987 Nissan Be-1.jpg

Nissan Be-1 (BK10RHF/BK10RHFW/BK10RHA/BK10RHAW). 1987–8 (prod. 10,000). 3-door sedan. F/F, 987 cm³ (I4 OHC). Nissan March (K10)-based limited-edition, retro-styled hatchback, exclusive to Nissan Cherry dealers, and a huge hit for the company, scooping several major industry awards. Designed to be an antithesis to the technology bent of the 1980s as well as a fashionable rival to the Honda City (AA), and was arguably the first recent example of retromodern styling in automobiles. The Be-1 pun came from the design proposals: this was codenamed the B1. Certain front panels made from GE Flex Panel resin. Spawned other limited-edition follow-ups: S-Cargo, Figaro, and Pao.

Manufacturing location: Totsuka, Yokohama, Japan

Marque: Nissan


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