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Morris Mini-Minor
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1959 Morris Mini-Minor.jpg

Morris Mini-Minor/Morris Mini Cooper (Mk I)/Morris Mini/Morris Mini Mk II/Morris Mini K/Morris Cooper S. 1959–71 (prod. 510,000 approx. in UK of basic Mini-Minor; 75,500 approx. for Traveller, 21,627 for Cooper 998 cm³, 12,465 for Cooper 997 cm³, 1,896 for Cooper S 1071 cm³, 482 for Cooper S 970 cm³, 7,824 for Cooper S 1275 cm³). 2-door saloon, 2-door estate (with 2 rear doors). F/F, 848, 970, 997, 998, 1071, 1098, 1275 cm³ (I4 OHV). Ingenious Alec Issigonis design for small BMC car, with as much of length as possible occupied by passenger cell. Engine placed transversely, with front-wheel drive. Moulton rubber cones instead of springs for suspension. Ignored at first, positioned below Morris Minor, but quickly found a niche as a fun, classless car. Traveller estate added 1960. Sold as Morris 850 in some export markets to 1962. Coopers from 1961. Australia continued production of original Mini Mk I design to 1971, but had wind-up windows and 998 cm³ from 1965. Australian Morris Cooper S with 1275 cm³ from 1965. Mini K in Australia with 1098 cm³ from 1969. Denmark sold Mini as Morris Mascot.

Manufacturing location: Cowley, England; Zetland, NSW, Australia

Marque: Morris | Model: Morris Mini | Successors: Morris Mini Mk II, Morris Mini Clubman


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