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Morris Mini Mk II
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Morris Mini Mk II Super Deluxe.jpg

Morris Mini Mk II. 1967–70 (prod. 429,000 for all Mini Mk IIs). 2-door saloon, 2-door estate (plus two rear doors). F/F, 848, 998, 1098, 1275 cm³ (I4 OHV). Indistinguishable other than badging from Austin Mini Mk II; comments there apply equally here. However, more Morris Minis were built by BMC’s Spanish licensee Authi, with slightly different model range from UK including higher-spec 1275C model (the C did not stand for Cooper) and 1000E (with Riley-style full-width wooden dashboard). Authi Minis dropped Morris badge in 1970, though the marque began disappearing from brochures in 1969. Australian Morris Mini Mk IIs were actually based on British Mk Is, and featured wind-up windows and the 1098 cm³ engine but the original round nose.

Manufacturing locations: Cowley, England; Pamplona, Spain; Enfield, New South Wales, Australia

Marque: Morris | Model: Morris Mini | Predecessor: Morris Mini-Minor | Successor: Mini (Mk III)

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