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Mercury Cyclone (1968–9)
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1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ.jpg

Mercury Cyclone. 1968–9 (prod. 22,771). 2-door coupé, 2-door fastback coupé. F/R, 302, 351, 390, 427, 428 in³ (V8 OHV). Cyclone spun off into its own line, Mercury’s intermediate flagship, with a muscle-car bent. Rise in sales as the performance image sold cars in Detroit in this era. Special Handling Package as standard—which meant coils at front with upper A-arms, strut-stabilized lower arms and an anti-sway bar, and a live axle with leaf springs at rear. Base and GT models had the 302 as standard in 1968; 427 available but was quickly deleted in favour of the Cobra Jet 428 as the 1968 model year got going. Fastback only for 1969, with CJ the performance model (the GT was relegated to an appearance package this year). Cyclone Spoiler II, NASCAR homologation model, for 1969 (519 built). Racing Cyclones were equipped with the 429 in³ V8 from the Ford Mustang Boss 429.

Manufacturing location: USA

Marque: Mercury | Model: Mercury Comet | Predecessor: Mercury Comet (1966–7) | Successor: Mercury Cyclone (1970–1)

q.v. Mercury Comet (1968–9), Mercury Montego (1968–9)


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