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Jaguar XJ-S (1975–81)
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Jaguar XJ-S.jpg

Jaguar XJ-S (XJ27). 1975–81 (prod. 14,890). 2-door coupé. F/R, 5343 cm³ (V12 OHC). Much anticipated replacement for E-type sports car turned out to be more a grand tourer, launched in the wake of the fuel crisis. It didn’t look it, but XJ-S was more aerodynamic than its predecessor. The last product of Malcolm Sayer and Sir William Lyons. Buttressed tail controversial. Good for 155 mph, V12 developing 285 bhp. High running costs, and with British Leyland build quality not at its best, few of these early models survive. Mostly three-speed autos, some manuals. Referred to as the S-type in early US advertising, though always badged XJ-S.

Manufacturing location: Coventry, West Midlands, England

Marque: Jaguar | Model page: Jaguar XJ-S | Predecessor: Jaguar E-type V12 | Successor: Jaguar XJ-S (1981–91)


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