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Jaguar XJ-S
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Jaguar’s grand tourer, developed as XK-F and a successor to the E-type. However, it was initially ill-timed: XJ-S débuted in the wake of the 1973 fuel crisis. The public, meanwhile, which had expected a sports car, was disappointed to find something that XJ-S was a grand tourer—although this continued the direction the E-type had been taking into the 1970s. The absence of a convertible, something not rectified by Jaguar till the 1980s, also came as a blow. However, XJ-S eventually matured into a sought-after car, once the fuel crises’ worries passed, and, since it was never really “that ’70s” in its looks, did not fall foul of fashions in the next decade. It even continued in the 1990s, dubbed XJS (missing the hyphen), and its platform spawned even more exclusive models, including the first XK8 and the Aston Martin DB7.

Marque: Jaguar | Predecessor: Jaguar E-type | Successor: Jaguar XJS


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