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Jaguar X308
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2001 Jaguar XJR.jpg

Jaguar XJ8/Jaguar XJR (X308). 1997–2002 (prod. 126,260 all X308, incl. Daimler). 4-door saloon, 4-door LWB saloon. F/R, 3248, 3996 cm³ (V8 DOHC). Revised version of “retrolutionary” XJs on the XJ40 platform, but with the traditional six- and twelve-cylinder engines retired. Fully revised interior. Very outclassed by Mercedes-Benz and BMW by now, though still a favourite among the British. Very cramped rear seat by modern standards, alleviated slightly by long-wheelbase model. XJR supercharged as before, though with the larger V8.

Manufacturing location: Coventry, West Midlands, England

Marque: Jaguar | Model: Jaguar XJ | Predecessor: Jaguar X300, X305, X306 | Successor: Jaguar X350, X358

q.v. Daimler Eight, Super V8


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