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Chrysler Cordoba
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An earlier brochure referred to Chrysler Cordoba when referring to a special trim package for the Chrysler Newport (1969–73) in the early 1970s, but a stand-alone model did not emerge till the middle of the decade. When launched in 1975, the Cordoba—essentially a fancy, rebodied Plymouth Satellite—was considered a small Chrysler. No wonder: it was developed as a Plymouth to contest the hotly growing personal–luxury coupé market popularized by the Pontiac Grand Prix. However, it was felt during development that the Chrysler brand had more snob appeal—and on launch it was an instant hit. The advertising campaign, with Ricardo Montalbán, was memorable and the car was considered attractive by Americans. The “small” size suited post-fuel-crisis America well, though by 1979, it was big by late-1970s’ standards. (Fans also felt the 1978 facelift made the car look less attractive.) Sales dwindled and Chrysler downsized the Cordoba on to the Aspen–Volaré platform, twinning it with the Dodge Mirada, but interest in the vehicle waned further. Chrysler largely left the personal–luxury market alone afterwards, concentrating on the K-car and its derivatives for this sector.

Marque: Chrysler


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Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024