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Buick Regal (1978–87)
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1985 Buick Regal Limited.jpg

Buick Regal (A-special/G-body). 1978–87 (prod. n/a). 2-door coupé, 4-door sedan, 5-door wagon. F/R, 3215, 3790, 4126 cm³ petrol, 4280 cm³ diesel (V6 OHV), 4342, 4940, 4999, 5031 cm³ petrol, 5737 cm³ diesel (V8 OHV). Buick’s downsized personal–luxury car. Not quite as well made as Century, though on the same platform, and less rear-seat space. Unusual for the addition of a a turbocharged 3·8, matched with firmer suspension and larger tyres for initial models; the turbo gained in popularity through the 1980s. Facelifted in 1981 to appear more substantial. RWD Century models absorbed into Regal range in 1982, but these models appeared only briefly: the wagon was deleted after 1983, the sedan lasted one more year. Grand National performance model offered 1982 with 4·1, then again in 1984 to the end of the run, with turbo 3·8, with 200 to 245 hp depending on the model and year. T-top also available. T-type performance model, not as potent as Grand National, from 1983 to 1987.

Manufacturing locations: Flint, Michigan, USA; Arlington, Texas, USA; Framingham, Massachusetts, USA; Fremont, California, USA; Pontiac, Michigan, USA

Marque: Buick | Model: Buick Regal | Predecessors: Buick Regal (1975–7), Buick Century (1978–81) | Successor: Buick Regal (1988–96)

q.v. Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (1978–88), Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1978–88), Pontiac Grand Prix (1978–87)


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