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Austin Maxi (1969–80)
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Austin Maxi 1750.jpg

Austin Maxi/Maxi (ADO14). 1969–80 (prod. 422,084 not incl. 1980). 5-door saloon. F/F, 1485, 1748 cm³ (I4 OHC). Much-anticipated Austin from merged British Leyland with interesting hatchback concept: seats could fold down to form two beds, and exceptionally roomy. However, hampered by carryover doors from BMC 1800 ‘Landcrab’, making it look dated on launch, and not unlike a hatchback version of the older car. Underpowered with heavy steering originally; fixed somewhat with 1748 cm³ unit from 1971, including twin-carburettor versions. Austin badge disappeared from late 1976, with British Leyland roundel the only sign of a marque. Confusing from this point just what the marque was: BL, Leyland, or marque-less? Nevertheless, colloquially it was often referred to as the Austin Maxi in its home market.

Manufacturing location: Cowley, England

Marque: Austin | Model: Austin Maxi | Predecessor: Austin A60 Cambridge | Successor: Maxi 2

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