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SEAT Panda
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SEAT Panda 40.jpg

SEAT Panda (modelo 141A). 1979–86 (prod. 463,418). 3-door saloon. F/F, 843, 903 cm³ (I4 OHV). SEAT version of Fiat Panda (141), built under licence, but with some differences. Initial pilot build of Panda 35 models in 1979; eventually launched with 35 and 45 versions, featuring the 843 cm³ from the SEAT 133 and the 903 cm³ from the 127. Panda 40 later introduced to handle low-octane fuel. Panda Montaña from 1982 had some “off-road” addenda (light guards, sump protector, heavier-duty tyres, roof rack) but no all-wheel drive, while the 45 Marbella was a de luxe version from 1983. Evolved into the Marbella in 1986 when Fiat and SEAT ended their agreement.

Manufacturing location: Spain

Marque: SEAT | Predecessor: SEAT 133 | Successor: SEAT Marbella


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