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Volkswagen Typ 1 (1945–53)
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1945 Volkswagen.jpg

Volkswagen (Typ 1). 1945–53 (prod. 1,000,000 to 1955). 2-door saloon, 2-door 2-seat convertible, 2-door 4-seat convertible. R/R, 1132 cm³ (F4 OHV). Postwar KdF-Wagen made to same design originally, production restarted under British military occupation in former KdF-Stadt, now renamed Wolfsburg. Now dubbed Volkswagen (people’s car). Maj Ivan Hirst secured order for 10,000 cars for British Army. Exports began August 1947 to Amersfoort, Netherlands. German general manager, Heinz Nordhoff, began 1948, decreeing that the Volkswagen evolve organically, from the inside out; beginning of quality focus. Export model (hydraulic brakes, improved interior and trim) and four-seat Karmann convertible from 1949. (Two-seat convertible by Hebmüller of Wülfrath to 1953.) Sixteen-inch wheels to September 1952; fifteen-inch thereafter. Split window design from prewar model retained to February 1953.

Manufacturing location: Wolfsburg, Germany

Marque: Volkswagen | Model: Volkswagen Käfer | Predecessor: KdF-Wagen | Successor: Volkswagen 1200 (1954–60)


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Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024