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VAZ 2114
Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024

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VAZ 2114.jpg

VAZ 2114. 2003–13 (prod. 923,930). 5-door saloon. F/F, 1499, 1596 cm³ (I4 OHC), 1596 cm³ (I4 DOHC). Facelifted version of VAZ 21093 (the 1·5-litre model), originally shown in 2001 but series production began April 2003, exported as Lada Samara. New dashboard and steering wheel. Larger engine from 2007 with some refinements, and additional standard equipment including on-board computer and LCD displays for temperature, voltage and time. Sixteen-valve model from 2010, for a small production run. Well behind the times, considering the basic design first appeared in 1984—and it was hardly ground-breaking then. The last 2114 left the factory on Christmas Eve, 2013.

Manufacturing location: Togliatti, Russia

Marque: VAZ | Predecessors: VAZ 2109, VAZ 2108


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