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TVR Tamora

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TVR Tamora.jpg

TVR Tamora. 2002–6 (prod. 356). 2-door roadster. F/R, 3605 cm³ (I6 DOHC). More sedate-looking and (in theory) accessible successor to Griffith and Chimaera, with strange round rear taillights. Not that successful as buyers were more used to its hairier predecessors, though very good to drive. TVR’s own six developed 360 bhp; unreliable at first, but improved after 2003, though with its share of electrical gremlins. Shared platform with TVR Tuscan Speed Six.

Manufacturing location: Blackpool, Lancashire, England

Marque: TVR | Precedessors: TVR Griffith (1991–2002), TVR Chimæra


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