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Porsche 901
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Porsche 901.jpg

Porsche 901. 1964 (prod. 82). 2-door coupé. R/R, 1991 cm³ (F6 OHC). Successor to 356, with Ferry Porsche dictating that it had to have an extra 20 mm in the wheelbase and a flowing tail. Styled by Butzi Porsche. Shown at IAA in 1963; 120 mm longer than 356C, but 70 mm narrower, and c. 100 kg heavier. Slight (DM 200) price increase over 356 Carrera 2. Series production began September 1964. Eighty-two cars (according to Porsche) left the production line before the name was changed to 911 on November 2, 1964 after an objection by Peugeot, which claimed car three-digit car numbers with a 0 in the middle.

Manufacturing location: Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Marque: Porsche | Predecessor: Porsche 356C | Successor: Porsche 911 (1964–8)

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