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Pontiac Grand Prix (1973–7)

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1976 Pontiac Grand Prix.jpg

Pontiac Grand Prix (A-body). 1973–7 (prod. 856,819). 2-door coupé. F/R, 301, 350, 400, 455 in³ (V8 OHV). Corporate twin to Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1973–7), with Pontiac’s own engines. Similar ‘Colonnade’ styling shared with contemporary Pontiac LeMans. Shorter wheelbase compared with predecessor. Hardly reliable in first model years, typical of US products of the era, though things improved. Better than other personal–luxury cars when it came to handling, roadholding and steering, though that isn’t saying much. Major facelift in 1976 for Pontiac’s golden anniversary year and price drop helped boost sales dramatically.

Manufacturing location: USA

Marque: Pontiac | Model: Pontiac Grand Prix | Predecessor: Pontiac Grand Prix (1969–72) | Successor: Pontiac Grand Prix (1978–87)


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