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Opel Corsa A
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Opel Corsa Luxus.jpg

Opel Corsa (S-car). 1982–93 (prod. n/a). 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-door saloon. F/F, 993, 1196 cm³ (I4 OHV), 1189, 1196, 1297, 1388, 1598 cm³ petrol, 1487 cm³ diesel (I4 OHC). Opel enters the supermini class, creating a model below the Kadett. Initial models of three-door hatchback and two-door saloon, rivalling Volkswagen Polo and Derby. Four- and five-door models added 1984. Competent small car but exterior design considered very conservative. Sold as Vauxhall Nova in UK as it was felt European name sounded like coarser. Freshening in 1990.

Manufacturing location: Zaragoza, Spain

Marque: Opel | Model: Opel Corsa | Predecessors: Opel Kadett C, Vauxhall Chevette | Successor: Opel Corsa B

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Out now: Autocade Yearbook 2024