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Montego (1988–94)
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Montego GTI.jpg

Montego (LM11). 1988–94 (prod. 546,000 approx. incl. Austin Montego, 1984–8). 4-door saloon, 5-door estate. F/F, 1275, 1598, 1994 cm³ petrol, 1994 cm³ diesel (I4 OHC). Referred to colloquially as Rover Montego by many, due to presence of Rover Viking longship-like badge, though the Rover word never appeared on any models or in the car’s marketing in UK. However, it was not an Austin, either, meaning Montego was a marque-less car officially in these years. Marqueless Montegos actually began before facelift in 1987 with two-tone 1·6L and 2·0Si; those models covered under Austin Montego Mk I entry. Facelift in late 1988 saw a more modern front end. Estate looked handsome. Generally unloved, but by 1988 Rover had ironed out most of the car’s problems and they were better built, though the Montego wound up with a similar fate to many older BL cars: as cheaply sold fleet specials. Perkins diesel acclaimed at the time. Regular models sold as MG 2·0 in New Zealand (including Estate). Sold in some European countries (France, Germany, Benelux) as Rover Montego. Five hundred CKD kits made in 1994 sold to Sipani of India, where it was also sold as the Rover Montego from 1994 to 1998. One source suggests only 309 of these were completed in Bangalore.

Manufacturing location: Cowley, Oxfordshire, England

Marque: Rover | Model: Austin Montego | Predecessor: Austin Montego Mk I | Successor: Rover 600

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