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Mercury Cougar (1974–6)
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1974 Mercury Cougar XR-7.jpg

Mercury Cougar. 1974–6 (prod. 238,422). 2-door coupé. F/R, 351, 400, 460 in³ (V8 OHV). Mercury never planned for the fuel crisis, and fielded an upsized Cougar for 1974, with wheelbase increasing to 114 in. It was now on an intermediate Mercury Montego (1972–6) platform, meant to challenge other personal–luxury cars, and went old-school with body-on-frame construction. More luxurious in feel, and heavier (1975s were 1,000 lb heavier than 1967s). Criticized with hindsight, but sales went up compared with the 1971–3 generation—some Americans wanted the flash. Twinned with Ford Elite.

Manufacturing location: Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Marque: Mercury | Model: Mercury Cougar | Predecessor: Mercury Cougar (1971–3) | Successor: Mercury Cougar (1977–9)


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