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Isuzu Gemini
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With GM’s investment, Isuzu built a version of the global T-car, based on the Opel Kadett C, called the Bellett Gemini, offering it in four-door and coupé variants. The Bellett tag was eventually dropped. The cars were twinned with the Holden Gemini in Australia (this was supposedly the reason for the name, though there was a Saehan Gemini in Korea as well), and were exported to the US initially as Opels before being rebranded Buick/Opel. The second-generation Gemini was also offered in Australia, though they now arrived there built-up from Japan. A third generation was less successful, and proved to be the last developed by the company. Afterwards, the Gemini name was applied to a range of Hondas, supplied to Isuzu as part of an OEM agreement. The line ended when Isuzu ceased retailing passenger cars.

Marque: Isuzu | Predecessor: Isuzu Bellett


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