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Hongqi CA7200
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Hongqi CA7200.jpg

Hongqi CA7200/Hongqi CA7220/Hongqi CA7221/Hongqi CA7225/Hongqi CA7226/Hongqi CA7228/Hongqi CA7240/Hongqi CA7247. 1988–2002 (prod. n/a). 4-door sedan, 4-door LWB sedan of various lengths, 4-door convertible, 5-door wagon. F/F, 1781, 2194, 2213 cm³ (I4 OHC), 1994, 2144 cm³ (I5 OHC), 1998, 2598 cm³ (V6 OHC), 2393 cm³ (V6 DOHC). Originally at SAIC-VW, the Chinese licensed edition of the Audi 100 (C3) was transferred to FAW-Hongqi, forming the basis of a massive variety of models, from regular sedans to stretched wagons, even a stretched convertible for official use. All up, six different lengths of C3 were offered. Most were locally made, though some came via CKD kits during this period. Considered the “small” Hongqi at the time, in contrast to the traditional state limousine. Chrysler 2213 cm³ OHC four one of the engine options, as FAW had the licence to it from an earlier venture. Efforts to replace the C3 with the C4 in 1993 were brief—that model was eventually transferred to FAW-VW, and the C3 saw out the 20th century. Nissan 2·0 V6 added in 2001.

Manufacturing location: Changchun, Jilin, China

Marque: Hongqi | Successor: Hongqi Century Star

q.v. Hongqi CA7180, Hongqi CA7300

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