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Honda NSX (NA1)

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Honda NSX (NA1/NA2/E-NA1/GH-NA2/GH-NA1/LA-NA2/LA-NA1). 1990–2005 (prod. n/a). 2-door coupé, 2-door targa coupé. M/R, 2977, 3179 cm³ (V6 DOHC). Honda sports car benchmarked to the Ferrari 328 GTB, later revised to the 348, with fighter cockpit-inspired cabin, and cab-forward design to aid high-speed stability. Honda’s F1 experience of the 1980s came into play, including Ayrton Senna’s input into the prototypes, along with that of Nakajima Satoru. All-aluminium monocoque, a world first for a production car, independent four-channel anti-lock brakes, double wishbone suspension, electric power steering, and variable valve timing. A convincing sports car, and as easy to drive as Honda’s lesser models. Targa from 1995, 3·2 from 1997. Minor changes in 2001 to exterior for safety reasons, and pop-up lights became fixed. Type R GT in 2005. Sold as Acura NSX in some markets. Cancelled after a very long life, due to changing emissions’ regulations.

Manufacturing locations: Takanezawa, Tochigi, Japan; Suzuka, Japan

Marque: Honda | Model: Honda NSX | Successor: Acura NSX (NC1)


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