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Ford XL (1967–8)

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1968 Ford XL.jpg

Ford XL. 1967–8 (prod. 79,449 sold). 2-door coupé, 2-door fastback coupé, 2-door convertible. F/R, 240 in³ (I6 OHV), 289, 302, 352, 390, 427, 428 in³ (V8 OHV). The sporting counterpart to the Galaxie with bucket seats, spun off into its own line for these model years, with XL and XL 500 variants. Same comments as Galaxie: a solid entry in the full-size field, with a more sporting bent. Fastback roofline for coupé in 1968 replacing previous year’s “semi-fastback”, while the range gained “hideaway” headlamps at front, in the same manner as the LTD of that year. Big Six also offered in the range for ’68. In December 1967, the XL console and bucket seats became an option, making the car less distinctive than the Galaxie.

Manufacturing location: USA

Marque: Ford | Model: Ford XL | Predecessor: Ford Galaxie (1965–8) | Successor: Ford XL (1969–70)

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