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Fiat Uno (146)
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Fiat Uno/Fiat Mille (Tipo 146). 1983–2013 (prod. 9,515,945 to beginning of 2011, incl. 6,032,811 in Italy, 110,000 in South Africa, 173,382 in Poland, over 2,000,000 in Brazil; approx. 3,600,000 sold in Brazil by 2013). 3- and 5-door saloon. F/F, 903 cm³ (I4 OHV), 999, 1108, 1116, 1242, 1301, 1372, 1498, 1580 cm³ petrol, 1301, 1697 cm³ diesel (I4 OHC). Smart, well designed supermini from Fiat, replacing venerable 127, and incorporating tall packaging ideas popularized by ItalDesign’s Giorgetto Giugiaro. Carryover engines from 127, before FIRE units introduced; model numbers denoted horsepower. European Car of the Year for 1983–4. Basic transportation, practical with good performance from FIRE units, though by 1990s, somewhat dated. First Brazilian models identifiable with wraparound bonnet, and independent transverse leaf suspension at rear. Turbocharged 1·3 performance model from 1985; 1·4 fitted from 1991. CVT model, Uno Selecta, from 1987. Facelift for European models, apeing Fiat Tipo (160), in 1989. Introduction of price-leading Uno Mille in Brazil in 1990; by 1996, the Uno tag was dropped. Facelift in Brazil in 1991, but different from Italian one, squaring off front end. European models phased out as Fiat Punto (176) came on stream in 1994, with production ceasing in Italy in 1995. Spun off Elba and Prêmio (estate and booted saloon), as well as Fiorino pick-up and van. Brazilian models were imported to Italy briefly as the Innocenti Mille. Indian production with Tata cooperation from 1996, but its record is chequered—thanks in part to a lack of support; Unos are rare sights there. Major facelift in 2004 for Mille, with FIRE engine upgrade and rename to Mille Economy in 2008. With airbags becoming mandatory in Brazil from January 2014, Fiat phased out the Mille in late 2013, with final models called Grazie Mille.

Manufacturing locations: Torino, Italy; Betim, Brazil; Córdoba, Argentina; Bursa, Turkey; Rosslyn, South Africa; Casablanca, Morocco

Marque: Fiat | Model: Fiat Uno | Predecessors: Fiat 127, Fiat 147, Fiat Spazio, Fiat Vivace, Tofaş Serçe, Premier Padmini | Successors: Fiat Punto (176), Fiat Uno (327)


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